Breach Beta

Thanks to our intrepid crew, the Deathly Shroud has finally been lifted. We tarried long, perhaps too long, within… and now that we’ve emerged on the other side, nothing seems quite the same. Our ship has incurred a… functional mutation. Now, with the press of a button, the whole ship starts and huffs, greatly accelerating our descent. The void outside has changed too. Where once was nothing but a tranquil blackness, there now glow vibrant clouds of every hue. We must be getting close.

Please enjoy Breach Beta. Previous high scores have been reset to 0 for this newest version. It has seen significant modifications to its difficulty and mechanics, and will reflect only those scores earned from today onward.

All scores are being saved to a database for posterity. We would like to acknowledge the top 10 players from Breach Deathly Shroud Edition: actual person (debatable), Tyran (Fight or Flight’s unmatched master Breacher), SaiyanPrince (sadly not over 9000, but our first non-admin to break 3000), Audrey (nearly 2k!!!), A couple of guys who don’t do much (Daniel and Newman), herbaltea (almost 1k!!!), Jojo (con mucho mojo!), fred (an alias?), annnnnnnnnnd Donovan (our very own, beloved composer). Excellent job! Thank you everyone for following us out into deep space. Now, just a little farther.

Good luck, captains!