Breaklands Breach Open Alpha Debut

Welcome, newcomers to the Breaklands™ universe. We are proud to announce that the alpha version of our mini-game, Breaklands™ Breach, is ready for playtesting. In Breach, you are the pilot of a drop-ship careening toward a planet. During your descent you will be met with automated defenses in the atmosphere.

What you need to know:

  • You can only steer horizontally, but you may slow your descent by holding the left and right arrows simultaneously
  • Projectiles will not damage you, but they will stick to you, attract attention, and slow your movement
  • You may shake projectiles off by rapidly alternating left and right controls
  • In dire situations, press space; your old hull will be cast off and explode as you mutate and regenerate a new one

Will you land your ship? Good luck, captain!

Please submit any bugs or feature requests to